Electrochemical towers ……. Solutions like Towers*


Electrochemical solutions can be very valuable!
Electrodes (e.g. workpiece) in contact with a liquid phase (auxiliary liquid is also possible) are needed.
Electrodes and liquid need to be electroconductive at given circumstances.

  • Electroanalytics (sensing)
    Also mobile equipment of highest quality available
  • Coating (electrolytically or galvanically)
  • Surface conditioning with wet processes
  • Feasibility studies for production process routes
    Funding management available
  • Process engineering, production process optimization
  • Trusted partner for cooperative technology development
    Big projects in the field of electrochemistry are in progress

“The domain expertise of MTI is process engineering. Especially, MTI can serve with a deep knowledge and vast practical experiences in electrochemical & wet processes”

M. Hacksteiner


Mr. Hacksteiner
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